Life is so real sweet
When you and your so called friend meet
She’s nice, she’s awsome
But on the inside she hates you

You talk to her, she talks to you
You feel drops of dew
Falling onto your face
You can’t keep up with her pace

You feel she wasn’t your type
You should’ve known about her
Yea, she wasn’t your kinda girl

She had no heart
Broke you like a little tart
Made you cry
Ohh.. Why why..

Enemies are so sweet and nice from the outside but bad for you from the inside. They wanna get you bad and mad and sad. They wanna take revenge on you for nothing.



Trust has many meanings. We blindly trust others. Some people gain it easily while some take time.

Trust can be called Faith. When you believe in Him. When you have faith in Him.

Trust Him

When the light goes dim

Everything will be alright

Peace will be in sight.

Trust can also be called courage. When you have courage to do something, you trust yourself. You know you can do it.

Trust yourself

Forget about your rage

Yes, you can do it

You’ll see the light lit.

Trust is when you believe in someone.  You know they’ll never leave you alone.

Start believing my lad

Be happy, don’t get sad

You’ll never get alone

Because it us the trust that has grown.

Paint Me A Blue Sky

Paint me a blue sky

‘Cause I wanna soar high

Feel the breeze in my face

Wanna get out of this maze

Get me a picture perfect place

Where I can fix my gaze

Forget about the crowd

And scream out loud

Build me a castle

Where things dazzle

I wanna rule the state

Never wanna lose faith

Get me the moon

For me, that’s a boon

Spotlessly white

But as of now out of sight

Make me a world of my own

Where I can be all alone

I shall be the queen

Far away from The Land Of The Mean